Coursera Notes | Graph Analytics for Big Data (1)

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This is a note of "Graph Analytics for Big Data",which is an online lesson on Coursera.
And here is the introduction link: Graph Analytics for Big Data

Week One

Simple introduction of the class, no need to note.

Week Two

Graph Use Cases

Social Media Analysis


Why Graphs

Gene-Phenotype-Disease Networks

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Two issues

Why Graphs

Human Information Network Analysis

Why Graphs

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Analysis and Planning for Smart Cities

Cities have networks

Networks should be Modeled

Why Graphs

What is Analytics

Some Broad Purposes of "Analytics"

What are the impact of Big Data's V's on Graphs

The four well-known Big Data's V's

the impact of Big Data's V's on Graphs

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Graph Size Impacts Analytics

「一键投喂 软糖/蛋糕/布丁/牛奶/冰阔乐!」




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